A Dog Gave the First Review of the New Star Wars Film


Star Wars: The Force Awakens will not be pre-screened for critics before it premieres on December 17th, but a lucky pup got to get an early sneak peek.

Carrie Fisher, the actress who reprises her role Princess Leia (now “General Leia”), took her French bulldog Gary to an exclusive showing. While watching the film, Gary’s tongue fell out of his mouth and has stayed out ever since, Fisher alleges, because the movie is just that good.

“He didn’t look like this before,” Fisher said on Friday’s Good Morning America, with Gary politely sitting in a chair next to her. “But it’s worth it.”
We, too, expect to be forever changed by the new Star Wars, though we hope our tongues stay in our mouths. (We wouldn’t look as cute as Gary.)

“He panted all the way through. He’s looked like that still. The tongue wasn’t out of his mouth before he saw the movie, and now that’s his review,” Fisher continued. “It’ll happen to everyone. Worth it, though. That’s how good it is. You won’t care that your tongue is out of your mouth like that.”

With Fisher’s Frenchie awarding the film a prestigious one out of one tongues, our excitement has officially reached a breaking point. December 17: Get here already!

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