Dog Was Abandoned By His Owners. But Watch When Rescuers Find Him On The Road, Unbelievable!


Finding a dog at the side of the road is every dog lover’s worst nightmare. Stray dogs are at risk of being hit by cars when they don’t have somewhere to call home. And although this story involves the saving of one canine’s life, the story isn’t less sad. Melissa Ringstaff and her family were driving down the road when they found a Great Pyrenees dog lying at the side of the road.

They feared the worst – that it had been hit by a car – and turned around to investigate. When they got out of their cars, they realized the dog was very much alive. His reason for lying at the side of the road? His best canine friend had been hit by a car instead, and he was guarding the body. She tried to get the dog into the car, but was unsuccessful. When she returned a few hours later with some assistance, the poor dog clambered in and was ready to be done with this life.

Take a look at this video

One local person informed Melissa that the dogs had been abandoned by their previous owners to fend for themselves. Thank goodness Melissa came along when she did to provide the poor pooch with better opportunities. Share away, people.