Abandoned Dog Can’t Stop Shaking With Fear In The Shelter…


Aggression in dogs makes it difficult for those who live in shelters to be adopted, as no one wants to get hurt from their new pet. Having to put them down is usually a last resort, after months are spent trying to socialize these poor animals who didn’t have a say in their upbringing. But Angel isn’t one of those dogs.Within moments of being dumped at a Florida shelter called Putnam County Animal Control, she knew that her life was going to be completely different. Once she was placed in her kennel, she started shivering uncontrollably.

She was absolutely paralyzed with fear that she couldn’t even lift her head. Who knew if she’d ever been in a shelter before or if she was simply mourning the loss of her owner and a home, but the dog was obviously terrified about what was going to happen to her next.
At only a year and a half old, Angel doesn’t seem to be comforted by the noise the other dogs are making, and would prefer trying to hide under her dog bed for comfort. The video was posted on Facebook and had been viewed millions of times until someone at Pit Sisters took her in and got her into a foster home with other dogs.
It was only then that she started to come out of her shell and start being the playful dog she was meant to be. She certainly benefitted from the care she received and has started to thrive. Let’s hope she finds her own forever home soon. Please SHARE this post so this fur baby finds her forever loving home soon.