He Was Abandoned In The Mountains With His Mouth Taped Shut, But He Still Has So Much Love To Give


In October 2015, a pit bull puppy was found abandoned in the Maine mountains with his mouth taped shut, which led to severe injuries. He had severe skin and tissue damage to his muzzle and underwent several surgeries and procedures to save his lips. His rescuers brought him to get treated, and eventually he was adopted into a loving home! Despite everything he’s been through, he is still such a happy and friendly dog.

Although he has healed from his injuries from having his mouth taped shut, his medical needs have not ended. He has recently been diagnosed with Medial Compartment Disease which affects his joints. He’s currently being treated and is recovering from a recent surgery. It’s very likely that he will need another one.

During his recovery, Blue has been enjoying his down time with his family. He loves going on walks, but right now he is limited to five minute walks until he is healed more from his surgery. He also enjoys getting fresh air and playing in the snow!

If you’d like to donate to help Blue get back on his feet, click here. You can also follow his Instagram page for updates!