The Abused Dog Can’t Stop Shaking. But When She Does This… OMG


An abused dog named Fletcher arrived at Chicago’s city shelter, and he couldn’t stop shaking. The young, terrified dog was covered in abrasions and scars and didn’t trust anyone.

Here’s the video of Fletcher at the shelter:

When Stephanie Paluch of Players for Pits went to pick him up a couple of days later, he was so scared he didn’t even want to leave the shelter. Being the only place he’d ever received consistent food, water, shelter and love, who could blame him?

It was on the car ride home that Stephanie tried to calm Fletcher by singing to him. And it worked!

Click on the image below to play the video:

Don’t mind my voice but this is how we conquered our fear of the car. I love this dog #fletcher #playersforpits

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