Abused Pit Bull Now Lives Life As The Most Pampered Pooch


A pit bull named Rudy was on the brink of death.
He’d been dumped in a plastic bucket in New York City. The city shelter placed a call to SNARR Northeast and asked them to help.

Rudy was emaciated, unable to walk, and covered in gaping wounds and holes down to his tendons. While his history was unknown, the staff was sure that Rudy was badly abused, neglected, and battered. He was missing nearly all of his fur, had a horrible fracture in his front leg, a tear in his bladder and untreated Cushings disease. The poor pit bull was transferred to a medical foster home. “Other than being completely terrified and unsure of a kind human hand, Rudy was grateful and nothing but a lovebug from the minute we rescued him,” SNARR wrote on their Facebook page.

Thankfully, Rudy was able to live out the rest of his life surrounded by love and care. In the viral video below posted in February of 2015, you’ll see how much Rudy loved being hand-fed snacks while lounging in his “special spa bath,” and closing his eyes as the warm water soothed his skin. Before he passed away a few months later due to the severity of his spinal condition, he was endlessly spoiled by his wonderful foster family.