She Lays On The Ground With An Abused Pit Bull. Seconds Later, I’m In TEARS!


Though dog fighting is illegal, there are still many active rings across the country. Each year, thousands of pit bulls die as a result of this heinous demand placed on innocent animals. You’re about to meet a pit bull named Precious who was used as a bait dog, but has now underwent an amazing, miraculous transformation.

One day, someone alerted the rescue team at Love That Dog Hollywood about a bait dog who was bleeding out on the streets of Los Angeles. A bait dog is used as apunching bag to make dog fighting dogs more aggressive.

When they got to Precious, they found her emaciated, bleeding profusely, and lifeless. They thought she’d surely die. As you’ll see in the amazing video below, Shelley, Precious’ foster mom, can’t even talk about her nightmarish life without breaking down in tears.

The photos of Precious’ at the beginning of the video were taken while she was in recovery, as her ears had been bitten off by other dogs. She was going through treatment to repair as much of her ears as possible. The purple on her facial wounds was from an antiseptic used to prevent infection.

It took two long years to get her to a place where she was finally ready for her forever home, but it was well worth it; Precious has recovered, and she’s finally happy and healthy. And, guess what? Precious was recently adopted by her forever mom. She’ll never know pain or neglect again!