A policeman was caught on camera abusing his K9 dog partner


Inhumane people unfortunately exist on this planet. They have the heart to hurt a dog in anyway, and it’s just cruel. Thankfully though, everyone gets what they deserve in the end.
On June 14, 2015, a policeman was caught on camera abusing his K9 dog, and it was awful and absolutely horrifying. We all know that police love power, but there’s a total difference between law enforcement and abusing the law. Policeman Brett Arthur Berry crossed the line by abusing his K9 dog, and it was shocking because such acts should not be coming from a policeman. The policeman and his K9 dog, Boone, were attending a K9 certification event in Carlton County, and the event was held at a casino called Black Bear Casino. When the officer and his dog were outside, Brett started beating his dog Boone; he first picked him up from his neck and then threw him at the ground. The poor dog tried to run but he got caught between two doors. The inhumane, abusive policeman caught Boone and punched him 6 times in a row, with no mercy. This policeman is heartless, and thankfully, he got what he actually deserves.
abusing his K9 dog partnerThe policeman did not know that there were cameras that caught his horrible abusing to his dog, and when the casino’s security men saw the tape, they called the authorities to report the abusive policeman. The security men were so shocked to see such thing.
Thankfully, the no-longer-a-policeman, received and administrative leave, and if the court will declare him guilty, he will face 90 days in jail and will pay $1000 for each of the two animal abuse charges. I hope that this incident will make people realize that no one will ever be above the law, even police officers. Dogs are nothing but loyal to us, and we have to repay them in the same way.
Boone the dog now is going to get adopted by someone who will care and love him unconditionally, and thankfully, the dog did not suffer from any physical injuries from the abusing he got from his ex-policeman partner.