Police Officer Adopts Pit Bull Puppy She Found Tied Up In Vacant Home


Here’s a police officer who has gone above and beyond. Through her job she protects the people of her community, and off the clock she’s helping out animals in need. Officer Ashley Accord was at a vacant home in Baltimore when she saw signs of activity. As no one was supposed to be there, Ashley called for backup.

It turned out that she had no reason to worry. The only thing there was an abandoned gray and white terrier mix. She said that the dog was aggressive and just wanted affection from her. She took him to the local animal shelter and bonded with him on the journey. Right away she put in an application to adopt the little guy. His family never came to collect him, so Ashley happily brought him into her home.

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Adopts Pit Bull PuppyAdopts Pit Bull Puppy

Now the two are living together and enjoying themselves immensely! Share away, people!