Adorable Bulldog Puppy’s First Step Will Make Your Heart Explode!


When you were a crawling baby, what if you had decided to quit walking lessons because of the long and tiresome practices? Perhaps crawling seemed like an oasis then. Meet Tebow, an adorable English bulldog puppy who is three weeks old and just learning to walk…His mommy made him join it, but yes, he is stubborn and young, y’see! If you’ve never watched a puppy take his first steps before, this will be worth your while!

Tebow’s foster parents at Suburban Bullies thought of giving him a few walking lessons before he goes to Hollywood, which is where his new daddy and mommy live.
Lucky for him you’d say, but Tebow does not buy this conspiracy. In fact, after all that cutest ever protests, his parents at the shelter know that Hollywood is certainly getting its right SUPERSTAR this time!

Check out this precious video below!

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