Adorable Bunny Thinks That The Basin Is His Personal Spa Room!


Now this is literally the heights! I mean when I see how relaxed this bunny is when he’s taking a bath, I wish I could fit in a basin too, and I think that’s why we have tubs! This bunny, who’s name is Cloody, is a funny little guy really…he fell asleep when he was taking a bath and its completely adorable to watch! I wonder what he’s dreaming about, because it looks like he’s trying to communicate too!

According to the bunny’s person, Cloody was so relaxed that he actually fell asleep! Apart from a relaxing shower, this bunny absolutely loves a body massage, so long as we stay away from his feet. And after a nice shower, he hopes outside to dry off like a bunny would!

Take a look at this hilarious clip below!