Adorable English Bulldog Just Doesn’t Understand What Rain Is!


It’s a crazy new reaction when a baby meets the mirror, river or rain. This is the story of a 13-week-old bulldog, Shelby who met rain for the first time in her life. When the drizzle starts, Shelby is truly startled, if not stunned at the invisible water monster that is touching her everywhere.

She stares at the blue sky with her extra-sensitive eyes trying to find the culprit who is playing a prank on her, as she believes.  She jumps at her invisible attacker and tries to make sense to him to end the battle of wars on her. For the entire of her life, Shelby never witnessed a rain and this is her first time on the green carpet enjoying the divine shower of water.

It will be quite a while when she solves the mystery of the droplet monster when she will be attacked with the confusion of thunder and lightning. Either ways, Shelby is in a lot of fun. If you liked Shelby share this story now!