Man Buys 2 Adorable Puppies that Turn Out to Be Bears


There’s a very slight difference between bear cubs and some puppies. In fact, they are often indistinguishable from one another, at least during the puppy stage. But did you ever hear someone say that a man buys puppies that are bears?

Apparently Yunnan resident Wang Kayui had a hard time telling the difference between the two creatures, when he purchased two “puppies” from a Vietnamese man who was visiting his village in China a few years ago. The “puppies” at the time were the same color as any normal dog. They were also very well-behaved.

Kayui only noticed something was wrong after the bears kept growing and growing. They also attacked and ate all of the chickens Kayui kept outside. Still, it wasn’t until after Kayui found a pamphlet about endangered species that he realized his “puppies” were bears! Not only that but they are rare Asian black bears.

Kayui immediately took his pets to the Forest Public Security Bureau, where they transferred the ‘pups’ to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center. Spokesperson for the animal rescue center, Feng Lingui, told the Daily Mail that the two bears are both doing well at their new home. Kayui visits often.

Still adorable, here are what Kayui’s Asian black bears look like today: