11 Adorable Puppies And One Tired Mother. Now See The Chaos!


This mommy dog gave birth to 11 hungry puppies. I mean very hungry! Like epic hungry! When you take a look at this video you’ll understand why this mommy is so tired, and that’s because she’s feeding 11 hungry puppies! As you will see, each of these puppies want to feed, but the poor mother can’t do nothing about it. Some puppies have latched themselves for an infinite period of time, whereas others are using their energy to at least try and get there.

Now this video warms my heart and breaks it a little because you can see how tired the mommy is and how not all the puppies are getting the right amount of food. But she’s the mommy, I’m sure she’ll allow her puppies to feed as much as they want to. This is beautiful .

Watch the video below


Did you see how the one in the purple collar just struggle to even get there? It’s a mountain darling, wait and be patient! I hope the puppy got some quality feeding too! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!