Aggressive Dog Spent His Entire Life Chained, But When The Chains Come Off…


One of the most controversial topics related to pets today is the concept of chaining or tethering your dog. Many people are against it, for some pretty understandable reasons. Time after time, dogs who are chained up become more aggressive and violent, and are less able to protect themselves or their families.

The case of Alex is just one more case of an abused dog who victim shamers would have called a violent dog. Watch in the video as Alex is given his freedom. He obviously doesn’t understand at first, but as the rescuers get him in his crate and away from the area he had been imprisoned for most of his life, Alex seems to realize that his days of captivity are over.

Take a look at this video

Just 24 hours later, Alex is like a whole new dog. Share if you are against chaining dogs. If you want to chain a dog, chain yourself too so you know how it feels. Please SHARE.