2 Years In Federal Prison For Animal Abuser Who Taped Dog’s Mouth Shut And Left It To Die


In Ontario, Canada, Jessica Hems and Adams Esipu gave their dog to Michael Earl Hill along with 65$ to surrender to the humane society on December 15. They had a newborn baby that was allergic to the family dog and were heartbroken to see him go.

Animal Abuser

Hill later told the couple that everything went well, but two days later Esipu was horrified when he saw a Windsor Star story with photos of his little Patterdale Terrier, bound with tape and left to die. He immediately drove Hill to the Humane Society to find out what happened. Hill tried to say that he dropped the pup off with the lady working the counter. She denied ever seeing the man or dog before in her life and Hill was promptly arrested. Animal Abuser

The dog originally named Nos and now called Justice, was found by Dean Cresswell in a field with his muzzle and feet bound on December 17. The dog had been cruelly left to die so that Hill could pocket 65$.
Animal Abuser

Cresswell posted photos to Facebook and there has been a huge outpouring of public support. He also presented the court with a petition of 65,000 names, from people asking for the maximum punishment.

Hill plead guilty and was sentenced to 2 years in a Federal prison, 3 years probation and is banned from owning a pet for 25 years. It was also a requirement to submit a blood sample to the national database to possibly solve existing and future crimes.

“Is an animal’s life only worth $60?” Asked Ontario court Justice Micheline Rawlins. Then she said, “People who become serial killers begin with small animals.”