Compilation Shows Baby And Dog Growing Up Together Like Brothers


When my sister-in-law got pregnant, everyone wondered how their two small dogs would react to a new baby in the house. The pups were so used to being treated like my brother’s adorable, fuzzy kids, and definitely enjoyed being spoiled every now and then. Of course, an infant definitely shifts the focus away from their silly faces. Luckily, there was absolutely nothing to worry about! All three of the cuties get along as the best of friends, crawling around the house on each other’s level.

It makes me so sad to live far away from all that delightfuldoggie and baby fun, but this video helps warm that soft spot in my heart in the meantime! When this happy couple welcomed their son into their home, they knew his bulldog brother couldn’t wait to meet him. They spent the next year capturing the duo’s undeniable and totally precious bond. Even before the kiddo was born, their pooch would curl right up to Mom’s stomach in anticipation!

My favorite are all the shots of the dog hanging around their son during mealtime. My brother’s dogs do the same thing when they know those clumsy little hands are bound to drop plenty of yummy snacks! They’re both so calm and sweet with each other, making it clear they share a very special bond. I hope they continue to film all their adorable adventures over the year! Hopefully I can talk my brother into doing the same with his kiddo, too.