The Baby Gives The Dog His Snack. His Reaction Isn’t What You’d Expect…


It takes some time for babies to learn the meaning of object permanence. When they don’t see something, they believe that it’s gone forever. Dogs seem to be the same way, but this pooch couldn’t be happier for this baby’s mistake. The video starts off with the little boy ready to enjoy a snack of his very own; a lovely cheese puff.

He keeps taking tastes of it, savoring it for as long as he can. That is until the dog shows up. He stretches out his hand for the dog to take it, who thankfully does, but instead of being happy about sharing his treat, the little boy breaks down in tears. His mother is nearby to hand him another one, and all seems to be right with the world, until he offers that treat to the dog too and the cycle starts all over again!

Take a look at this video!