Fluffball Puppy Tries To Win The Love Of Baby Goat With His Totally Rad Dance Moves


When babies from different species meet for the first time, it can be quite adorable to see what they’ll do. And this puppy and baby goat don’t disappoint. Bud is a four-month old Golden Retriever, and is such a lovable goofball. So when meets a baby goat for the first time, it’s more than hilarious.

Zoomer is only four days old, and was brought inside with the rest of his siblings to avoid the freezing temperatures. It was like a match made in heaven when they first caught sight of each other. Bud doesn’t seem very interested at first, but he definitely goes into overdrive soon enough and starts showing off his best dance moves to his new goat buddy!

Take a look at this video!

Zoomer, however, isn’t impressed, and casually wanders the pen, not the least bit interested in joining in. But that’s okay. Bud prefers dancing alone anyway. Share away, people!