They Introduce Their Baby To Bubbles, Now Watch What Happens When The Chihuahua Shows Up…


Bubbles were one of my favorite things as a kid. Those little bottles were always in favor bags at all my friend’s birthday parties and I would always rush home to play with them. My mom didn’t really appreciate me using them in the house though since it left a sticky residue behind. But of course I didn’t listen. Milo the Chihuahua and his tiny human were hanging out when their parents decided to blow some bubbles.

The baby loved the bubbles, smiling and reaching up at them. But Milo didn’t see them yet. Then, he suddenly noticed them and FREAKED OUT! “What are these balls of wetness falling from the sky?!” He runs all around the living room, wagging his tail and making little bark noises at them. At this point, the baby is more amused by the dog than by the bubbles. As the dog runs around, the baby starts smiling and laughing at him. Both of their reactions are adorable and put a big smile on my face!