This Pit Bull Spent Most Of His Life Being Abused, Now He Is The Happiest Pup Alive!


Being Abused

This is the story of Raj, a five year old abused, chained and poisoned pit bull who’s seen the world in life, really. I mean, honestly speaking, I would have never done what this family did to their pit bull, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. How people have the itch to abuse these poor animals is beyond my understanding, but in the end I’m hapy he found his forever loving home.

You see Raj had a family, but one who didn’t treat him well and so he along with two other dogs were chained outside the house with little food and water, sometimes nothing at all. At one point in time, the family decided they no longer wanted their dogs so they poisoned them and while the two died, Raj miraculously survived. This family then made the best decision in their lives by giving away their pit bull to their neighbor, who immediately brought him to a shelter.