Reuniting a War Veteran with His Beloved Dogs


Panda and Mama are two dogs brought to Los Angeles by volunteers Mariah and Tia. They were left by their owner, Joshua, in Louisiana when he had to move to California. The war veteran asked them to bring his dogs across the country and meet up in a park just outside the city.
Panda and Mama have barely eaten since they last saw Joshua two months ago. When he stepped out of his car they were staring intently, and then their tails began to wag. Joshua has been missing his dogs a lot, and it is clear that they have missed him as well. They seem to have gained all their energy back as they excitedly jump on and kiss their beloved owner.

Mariah begins to cry at the beautiful reunion, finally seeing the true, happy personalities of the previously depressed dogs. Joshua, when first coming back to civilian life after being in the war, had felt completely isolated. But then his two dogs came into his life and were always there for him. Now that he is back with his dogs, he feels complete again. His dogs also share the sentiment, enthusiastically eating again. What a wonderful reunion, made possible by volunteers.