Bonsai, The Bulldog With ‘Half A Body’


Meet Bonsai. The little English bulldog pup was born on April 17 with just half of his spine, no pelvis and malformed rear legs.

But, the little cutie is all heart.
Bulldog With Half A Body

According to the rescue centre in Arkansas where he lives, he’s thriving despite living with a combination of rare genetic disorders.

Bonsai was born with caudal regression syndrome, and sacrocaudal dysgenesis, combined with a variation of spina bifida.

After his owners realised they weren’t able to care for him properly, he was taken in by Friends of Emma, a rescue centre that helps dogs with special needs in Fort Worth, Texas.

The centre called him Bonsai because he’s ‘a little tree to be molded and shaped.’

He had both his back legs amputated just a couple of weeks ago because vets believed it was his best chance of achieving a good quality of life.

Bulldog With Half A Body

And he’s recovering well.

In fact he’s got a lot of attitude for a little guy, according to staff. He is, they say, ‘a sweet, squishy, love of a boy, who wants constant love and attention.’

He’s already making friends – here he is with fellow double amputee and long-time resident of the centre Ransom.

While he’s clearly loving life, he will need a lot of help in the future.

He needs daily cold laser sessions, routine hydrotherapy, deep massage and a range of essential oil therapies along with supplements and a specialised diet.

So the centre is fundraising via PetCaring to help pay his medical expenses.

They write on the page: ‘We cannot know for certain what we are facing regarding medical expenses and ongoing daily care for Bonsai, so for now, we just ask that you do what you are able to assist.’

And you can follow his progress on his Facebook page.

We’re not crying – you are.