She Puts Her Finger Inside This Bulldog Puppy’s Mouth, Then I Melted!


Teething is one of the most trying times of a baby’s development. As every mother knows, the key is to give them something to chew on. This is even more important for little bulldog babies. This beautiful little fur ball is only a few weeks old. She and her family are just beginning to explore this wide world.

Their human broke out the video equipment to record some of their teething antics. They really seem to enjoy nibbling on fingertips and chasing them around. The little wrinkles are so cute we would let them chew on our fingers all day!

Take a look at this cute video!

Connecting with your pet is one of the most important parts of helping them develop into loving caring dogs. This time spent bonding is good for more than just cute videos. It’s helping create a relationship. Share this video if you love bulldog pups!