(Warning: graphic picture)

Further proving our knack for senseless animal abuse, police are now searching for the idiot(s) who recently set a young pit bull on fire. According to the SPCA, police recovered the severely burned dog, named Chloe, this weekend on the 700 block of Grey street.

The dog was at first taken to ACCT Philadelphia, the city’s animal control center, but was then transferred to the SPCAs Shelter Hospital.

Although veterinarians tried to save her life, Chloe died about an hour later.

Investigators say that the dog was doused with some type of accelerant and then set on fire. Considering that heinous acts of animal cruelty are one of the most common behaviors of future serial killers, I’m slightly afraid for everyones safety. (Seriously, what has become of us )

For now, though, please keep your precious dogs close by., including whoever owns/feeds that wicked bad ass wolf dog in Pennypack Park.

There’s now a $1,000 reward (which was just recently doubled) for anyone with information leading to an arrrest