Dog Whisperer CESAR MILLAN Makes a Case for the Pit Bull Dog Breed


Cesar Millan is a well-respected dog trainer to the stars and has become a public voice against pit bull stereo types. Read what he’s saying now to stick up for this loyal breed!

Even important political and historical figures like General George Patton, President Theodore Roosevelt and Helen Keller all owned a variety of pit bull breeds. So when did this once cherished dog breed become associated with violent dog fighting and street gangs, suggesting aggression amongst the breed? Is the Pit bull breed really naturally dangerous or should bad training habits and humans be to blame?

For Cesar, the so-called bully breeds aren’t bullies at all and has documented a one-hour special called “Love my Pit bull.” In the revealing special, you will be educated on the history of pit bulls dating back to the point-in-time when pit bulls were used for watching children, herd animals and guard the home.

Cesar will discuss his experience with the pit bull breed and clue pet owners in on appropriate training techniques. Cesar also reminds us that the pit bulldog is the most over-bred, inappropriately trained and abandoned dog breed over all other dog breeds.