Cat Meets 50 Dogs At A Dog Show And Their Reactions Are Priceless


Cats are known to be extremely independent. The thought of putting one on a leash is just confusing to say the least. An animal expert recently took her special cat out for a walk where a dog show was taking place. She was on a leash as comfortable as can be and everyone turned their attention to the feline. One by one dogs came and sniffed her. They were just as confused as the owners. Could it be possible? A cat and a dog co-existing in peace and harmony… bollocks!What was so cute about this whole thing were the reactions and how different each dog was. Some were more responsive and others were totally freaked out. My favorite was the Dachshund that looked like he saw a ghost. Makes me want one so bad!

Important Note: Please do not try this at home unless you have consulted with a professional animal trainer. Things can always go wrong!