A Cat Walked Up To A Street Musician. And No One Expected What Happened Next.


This is a story of a cat and a man, a man who was struggling to make ends meet and struggling with his own problems. This is the story of James Bowen and Bob, a cat who made friends with this man, perhaps trying to take him to new heights! Now James met Bob in the hallway of his building and up until then he thought he was someone else’s cat.

Bowen started becoming increasingly worried when he saw the cat in the same spot day after day. When he checked the cat he realized that he had no collar or ID tags, but he still checked with his neighbors to see if it belonged to them. When no one claimed ownership of the cat, Bowen decided to help the cat himself. This is their story!

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Soon the two became so popular on the streets that people started flocking by to see them! What a happy ending, right? Well, don’t forget to share it with your friends too