Monday, January 24, 2022
Little Boy Was Lifeless

This Little Boy Was Lifeless, But When He Met This Golden Retriever, I Cried

This is a story of a 6 year old boy called Caled Howard and at such a tender age, this little boy experienced a traumatic accident
Wonderful Christmas Ad

This Wonderful Christmas Ad Is A Wake-Up Call To Everyone Everywhere

When it comes to the holiday season, it can be difficult to get the whole family together for one special night of food and presents
saves suicidal woman

Heroic motorcyclist saves suicidal woman’s life

After coming to a stop along a busy road in London, England, Pawel O decided to look into what was causing the standstill. He noticed a potentially suicidal woman
Couple Raises Money

Couple Raises Money to Buy Stranger a Car After Seeing Him Walk Home at...

Utah couple Sean and Darilyn Merrill were driving home around 9:45 p.m. when they saw a tired-looking man trudge through the crosswalk in front of them
Dirty Mind

Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Do you see what is actually there…or something else? Our minds are powerful, sometimes they can even overpower what our eyes actually see…and instead just tell us what to see
Man With Cancer

Dying Man With Cancer Walks Into Abandoned Church, Only To Find A True Miracle…

A Minnesota man with terminal cancer was in desperate need of a miracle and found it in one of the most unlikely places.
Disabled Woman

Disabled Woman Needs Help, Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction!

Being disabled means we need a little more help doing normal, every day things. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a little help

Secrets of the Mona Lisa: French scientist Pascal Cotte claims to know secret behind...

The identity of the Mona Lisa has left art lovers and scholars speculating for centuries. Now a French scientist believes he has unlocked the secret of what lies behind the world’s most enigmatic smile.
People Are Awesome

‘People Are Awesome’ Is A Great Compilation Of Amazing Physical Achievements From 2014

While you were maybe stuck in your cubicle, there were fearless human beings pushing their bodies and skills to the limits in 2014. The "People Are Awesome" compilation video displays
Bible Quotes

Pranksters Pretend Bible Quotes Are From Quran, People Accidently Condemn Christianity

When a group of pranksters read out passages of the ‘Holy Quran’ to people in the street, they had a twist in store. The group, Dit Is Normaal, were actually reading passages

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