Poor Dog Was Forced To Chew His Own Foot To Escape Being Chained


Some animals will go through great lengths to ensure the safety of their well-being, even at the risk of their own limbs. Such is the case with this German Shepherd puppy who wanted to escape the cruelty that was about to befall him in 2014.Chew His Own Foot

Named Rocky, the German Shepherd was surrendered to a California shelter called Alicia Pet Care Center. He was being turned in by owners, the staff quickly noticed that the dog was missing one of its paws, and when questioned, the owners responded that they didn’t know what caused it. Simply, they guessed that the dog must have “eaten it.”

Chew His Own Foot

No dog would eat his own limb under normal circumstances, and it made the staff of the rescue quite wary of the owners’ story. Not knowing what else to do, they contacted theCoastal German Shepherd Rescue OC for assistance. They promptly put up a Facebook post asking for donations to help the poor pooch save his leg. Thankfully, Rocky received the financial help he needed to take care of his leg.

After examination, the veterinary surgeon stated that there were signs of Rocky being chained up for prolonged periods of time, and that the chain was kept so tight around his foot that the only relief he could find was to chew his own paw off. Sadly, the leg could not be saved, but Rocky is starting to learn to walk on three legs now and the best part?

He has already been adopted! Yes a kind couple from San Diego, who are experienced in fostering injured pups adopted Rocky and gave him a second chance to life
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