Cop Caught Plotting To Kill A Dog Because He Doesn’t Like Dogs


It can be very heart breaking to lose an animal. They’ve been by our sides for years, and to have them go so suddenly can be a traumatic experience. But nothing was more traumatic than having your beloved pet killed by the people who are supposed to protect you. One morning, Lexie, a forty-five pound lab mix was accidentally left outside by the owner’s ailing grandfather.

Lexie had been let out that morning and had been forgotten outside. Naturally, she barked to get back in, and that’s when a call was made to the police for noise disturbance. One would think that once they got there, they could calmly get the grandfather to take the dog back inside, but that’s not what happened. Instead, Lexie was shot at several times by the police officers and unfortunately died from her wounds. The cops state that the dog rushed them, but witnesses reported that no such thing happened.


In fact, the dog was cowering by the side of the house before the officers began to shoot. That doesn’t sound like a dangerous dog at all. Hopefully, Lexie can receive the justice she deserves soon. Please share this post with everyone so these police officers can get a taste of their own medicine.