Cops Take A Chance On Pit Bull When No One Else Would And End Up With A Star Pupil


Apollo the Pit Bull didn’t become a K-9 through the regular route that most police dogs end up in service. Instead, the Pit bull was found abandoned and sent to a shelter in Washington state. There he languished for 6 months and was about to be euthanized when the shelter tried one last time to save him and reached out to a K-9 trainer who they thought might be interested in the high-energy dog.

Tukwila Police Department shared Apollo’s story as way of introduction to their newest K-9 reporting for duty. They wrote on Facebook:

“We would like to introduce you to our newest K-9 Apollo!

“Apollo did not come to us through the normal route that most police K-9’s do. Apollo was abandoned and sent to a shelter within the state. He stayed at the shelter for six months and was deemed to have too much energy to be considered for adoption and was about to be euthanized. Before doing so, the shelter called a Washington State narcotics K-9 trainer and asked her to take a look at Apollo to see if he was possibly a candidate for detection work. The trainer ran Apollo through some drills and thought he would indeed be a great narcotics K-9. She took Apollo out of the shelter and put him in her kennels at the Department of Corrections (DOC).

“Unfortunately, Apollo had to wait another 12 months as one dog after another was selected over him by other officers who were going through narcotics school and wouldn’t give him a chance. No one would give him a chance simply because he was a pit bull who often have bad reputations based on misconceptions and lack of training.

“We contacted the trainer last summer while searching for a K-9 and she told us about Apollo. She stated that he was a high drive dog and he would finish first in narcotics school if someone would give him a chance. All he needed was a chance.

“We decided to give Apollo that chance and we are glad that we did. Apollo finished narcotics school in November of last year and did indeed finish first in his class. He is extremely friendly and can often be found trying to get us to play with him. He has brought great joy to all of us at the department in addition to being a very productive and hard worker. He is now a part of his handlers personal family and the family of the Tukwila Police Department.”

Apollo is already busy making young fans and friends and meeting with the community. He recently had some fun during a “Coffee With A Cop” event at a local mall, as you’ll see in the video below.