Tiny Corgi Puppy Was On The Floor And Not Responding, Then He Touched Her Belly


This is a story of  tiny corgi puppy called Nikita and she’s about to show you what stubbornness really means. After all, if you’re sleeping, how would you feel if someone wakes you up from your sweet, sweet nap? Nope, not good right? I mean, what pleasure do you get by waking me up, that would be your thought, right? The same goes for Nikita the puppy here, who’s absolutely adamant that she must continue and finish her dreams.

So here she was laying on the floor on her back, you know in that very cute and cuddly position and just sleeping like no one’s business. Then comes alone her daddy. Now daddy has just one thing in mind – to make Nikita sleep in her bed and not downstairs all by herself. So he tries and tries and keeps trying, but Nikita, nope she’s like a sleeping statue of Cleopatra!

Take a look at this video below!