This Creature Can Lure You With It’s Beauty, But Don’t EVER Touch It!


I can guarantee that you’ve never seen anything as beautiful as this creature, but there’s one problem – if you touch it, you’ll regret it!

Alright you might think that you know all the bizarre creatures that have so far emerged thanks to all those curious minds out there, but I guarantee you that you’ve never seen anything like this creature – the Portuguese man of war, also known as the bluebottle.

This creature is likely to be found wherever the waters are warm and like a boat sail, it uses its pneumatophore to propel itself with the help of the winds, currents and tides. What’s a pneumataphore, you ask? That shiny blue thing that you would have touched if you saw it.

Why it’s dangerous? I mean just look at it! It’s so shiny and cute and beautiful, right? Wait, before you think of hunting one down. let me tell you that the Portuguese man of war is extremely venomous and can deliver a powerful sting!

In fact, if this creature washes up on the shore, it results into beach closure! Yep it’s that dangerous. The video below will tell you more about this beautiful, yet dangerous creature. Take a look!