Cruel Monster Attempts To Kill Her Dog, But Finds Herself Defeated By Karma


This is the story of a horrible record of animal cruelty where the owner of a dog tried killing it monstrously. According to the police reports, Diamond Owens has a handful of versions for the incident. None of which, strike the slightest act of humanity, love or even pity on her part. First version of Diamond claims that the dog was dead and that’s why she had dumped her out of the house. If you think that is horrible, read ahead.

While her second version claims, the dog tried biting her boyfriend repeatedly hence the spurn. The third version claims that she did not have money to euthanize her and hence, tried killing the dog herself. The true version is that this 22-year-old woman tried breaking the neck of this Chihuahua for whatever evil rush, before dumping her on the road to die.

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