Dead Dog, Tethered To Shovel In The Sand, Found On California Beach


When you go to a beach, you go there to relax and unwind, enjoy the presence of nature all around you. It’s natural that the beach always gives you a peaceful feeling in your heart and leaves you refreshed every time. But not this time. A group of people went to the beach and instead of finding peace, they found a dead dog.

There was a shovel protruding from the water near the shoreline that attracted these people to investigate. When they got closer, they were heartbroken to see a dead dog attached to the shovel, buried in the sand. There’s a possibility that the dog drowned because he couldn’t escape the weight of the shovel. The police have found an identification license on the collar and are now investigating the case.

Take a look at this image and video

The local authorities are trying to find more information about this cruel crime and thus requests anyone with information to call the sheriff’s department at 310-582-6000. Share away, people. RIP Dog…