Diets for Pit Bulls


Pit bulls have and undeserved bad reputation and make great pets.?The pit bull, also known as the American pit bull terrier, is characterized by its powerful body. The muscular, well-defined neck supports a large brick-like head that houses a mighty jaw with razor sharp teeth.

diets for pitbullsdiets for pitbulls
This all sounds intimidating, but for the most part, pit bulls have a strong desire to please their masters through good behavior. Part of raising a pet like this is feeding it a well-balanced diet. Typically, you have three types of diets for bit bulls: raw meat diet, dried food diet and natural diet.

More About Pitbulls

The pit bull gets its nasty reputation as a killer from its brutal history of pit bull fights. Savage displays of the pit bull’s unmatched strength and tenacity was once a source of entertainment. This colorful history has given the breed it’s bad reputation and has prompted a nationwide witch hunt to exterminate the animal altogether. However, people are starting to realize that pit bulls make excellent companion pets who are eager to show their unshakable loyalty. Best of all, they’re not fussy eaters and are happy to eat a broad array of raw and dried foods.

Raw Meat Diet

The pit bull gets most of his nutrition from raw meat. In fact, a raw meat diet should consist of 85% meat and 15% vegetables. Your pet gets many health benefits when eating a raw meat diet, such as a cleaner digestive tract, shinier coat and stronger immune system. When introducing your pit bull to a raw meat diet, start slowly, feeding it raw beef only as small treats. Gradually increase the amount of raw meat until it’s getting most of its nutrition from the meat. Portions should be about 8 oz of meat per meal. Supplement meat with a side of veggies. Feed your dog a variety of veggies in a small salad, anything from lettuce, potatoes, carrots or cucumbers will do. Avoid feeding your dog pork because it contains trichinosis, which can destroy your dog’s digestive system, or raw salmon because it contains liver fluke, a nasty virus that annihilates the liver. Most meat products are good to feed to a pit bull. Chicken, beef and raw eggs are all excellent choices. For the best result, choose free-range, chemical-free, organic foods.

Dried Food Diet

The dried food diet is the easiest and most inexpensive way to provide a pit bull with nutrition. The best dried foods for pit bulls come in the form of a kibble and should be meat-based. Dried food kibbles contain a dehydrated cornucopia of meat and vegetable products. When selecting which dried food is best for your dog, look for dried foods that contain human-grade products; for instance, the dried food should contain meat products that humans would be happy to consume, not thrown-away unappetizing scraps. Furthermore, ensure that the dried food was preserved naturally and doesn’t contain any carcinogen chemicals like BHT or BHA. Some dried food products known to contain such dangerous qualities are Orijen, Acana and Taste of the Wild. A daily dried food diet for a pit bull consists of two cups of kibble, one in the morning and one during dinner.

Natural Diet

The natural diet is the most time-consuming get right because it involves figuring out exactly what your pit bull likes to eat. Every pit bull has different preferences and dietary desires, just like humans. The natural food diet, similar to the raw meat diet, gives the pit bull most of its nutrition from eating raw meat, supplemented with a vegetable side. The natural diet differs from the raw meat diet in that it takes into consideration that not all pit bulls require the same amount of protein. If you dog prefers to eat beans, for example, instead meat, make beans the main source of protein. The raw diet is about finding out how to provide the best nutritional diet for your dog through natural, chemical-free ingredients the dog will happily eat. Pit bulls require a large amount of protein to sustain their powerful bodies, so if your dog prefers a vegetarian diet, be sure she’s getting enough. It’s always a good idea to consult a vet about a healthy natural diet, especially since you’re going by what your dog likes to eat.