Fireworks Almost Caused Disaster For This Dog, But Rescuers Save The Day


Hope For Paws received a call about a Pit Bull hiding under a car and when they arrived, they found him huddled under cover in fear. But with some gentle coaxing, Eldad Hagar was able to get him and when they scanned him for a microchip, they discovered the dog’s family had done the right thing!

It turns out Boy ran away from home because of fireworks, but fortunately for him, he got lucky. Watch as Eldad Hagar reunites the dog with his relieved family! Hagar shared the rescue as way of reminder that every year, thousands of pets go missing because of fireworks and firecrackers, especially during Fourth of July celebrations. Please keep your dogs safe indoors during the holidays and make sure your pet is microchipped and has ID tags, just in case!