This Dog Accidentally Ate A Lemon…His Reaction Has Left Me Laughing For Hours


Every pet parent knows that if something falls on the floor that looks or smells like food, it’s going in your pet’s mouth…no matter what.

Just like any other animal, our pets normally can’t control themselves around a tasty-looking snack — and while this can be extremely dangerous, on the flip side: It can also be downright hysterical!

In the following hilarious video from YouTube user MrPhu9, we see an adorable golden retriever who learns the hard way that just because a scrap of food is up for grabs, that doesn’t mean he should eat it.

In the clip, the curious pup finds a slice of lemon in his family’s kitchen. Not knowing it would be so sour, the pup tries to take a bite and gets a very rude awakening. His reaction is seriously hysterical and so much more dramatic than I would have ever expected!

We all know about that “shudder” feeling after tasting something really sour, but this dog takes it to a new level of funny with his little dance.

It’s important to remember that citrus fruits are not good for our dogs’ digestive systems. However, that’s just in large quantities. A little taste, like this dog had, will not do any harm to your pet