7 Dog Breeds You should think twice before getting


As a dog owner, there are a lot of defining decisions regarding your dog that you will have to make. One of these decisions is the first one, which is the choice of which dog breed to get.

This list will help you think again before deciding on one breed. You have to be familiar with the breed’s needs and whether or not you’ll be able to meet them. Here are some breeds you want but shouldn’t get!

Border Collies

No doubt that they are an intelligent breed that can do many tricks, but they are originally working breeds that need to be in a field, so they are demanding in terms of activity.

Dog Breeds You should think twice

Korean Jindo

Originally used as hunting dogs, the Jindo doesn’t go well with smaller animals or smaller dogs. Also, they are not a very social breed.

Dog Breeds You should think twice


They are active and outgoing, and in order to remain mannered and well trained, they need to find a window to release all their energy.

Dog Breeds You should think twice

Siberian Husky

One of the most beautiful breeds out there, however, they need a huge amount of training and exercise, otherwise they become very difficult to live with.

Dog Breeds You should think twice


Another beautiful looking dog, however, their personality is complicated. They are very aware of strangers and don’t tolerate a lot of attention, so they might not be good with children.

Dog Breeds You should think twice

Dutch Shepherd

Being a popular military and police dog, this breed needs to always be occupied with something otherwise they become destructive and sometimes aggressive.

Dog Breeds You should think twice

Patterdale Terrier

This breed is originally used for hunting activity, 24/7 city life is not suitable for them.

Dog Breeds You should think twice


What other dogs do you think need a special kind of experience to deal with them? Share with us your tips in the comments, and don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends!