Dog Catches Scent Of Lost Little Boy In Jungle And Leads Rescuers Right To Him


A search and rescue dog saved a toddler who got lost in the jungles of Brazil. The 20-month-old child had wandered away from home while being babysat, leading to a frantic search by his family and neighbors. But after several hours of effort and no sign of the toddler, the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar were called in.

The search and rescue group brought along a black labrador named Luke to help with locating the boy. It didn’t take long for Luke to pick up the boy’s scent and lead rescuers through the dense underbrush right to where the lost boy was standing.

One of the rescue crew filmed the exact moment Luke locates the youngster (see the video below).

The moment they reach the toddler, one of the rescue crew picks him up and gives him a big hug and comforts him.

The little boy was reportedly doing fine after his ordeal, in no small part thanks to Luke’s quick tracking and life-saving skills.