On Mother’s Day This Dog Collapsed On Their Porch From Dog Fighting Injuries


Mother’s Day 2015. Unleashed Pet Rescue gets a call about a Pit Bull puppy who collapsed after wandering into a porch owing to life threatening injuries. Punctures and tears on this poor puppy’s head look suspiciously like those derived from illegal dog fighting.

Are you one of those people who condone dog fighting? Do you know that it’s far worse and more violent than boxing and yet, puppies are subjected to the violence of this vicious, illegal sport? Have you ever been punched in the face? Well, the puppy named Jax endured more than punches. He was bitten repeatedly; viciously. He had a swollen face; one eye shut tight with big gashes and holes in his neck and head. How anyone can subject a puppy to dog fighting is truly the outside of enough!