Dog Cries Into His Security Blanket After Being Dumped Again And Again


Every dog’s dream is to find a home where they can live out their days. They don’t ask for much. Just a warm bed, some food, a couple of toys, and a loving person to scratch the parts they can’t reach on occasion. It seems like a simple request, but there are some dogs who are never given this kind of life.

King is one of those dogs, and his circumstances are really starting to get to him. It started out with his original owners dropping him off at a shelter, even after being told that it was likely he would be euthanized. But his humans didn’t seem to care and walked away. Fortunately for him, a rescue group stepped in to save him from that fate. Little did he know that this was just the start of his hardships.

He found his first foster home quite quickly with a loving woman, but her husband decided that he was too “scary looking” and returned him to the shelter. When she found that the doors were closed, they left him outside, tied to the fence.

It was only two days later that he was placed in another foster home, and it looked like things were going to get better for King, but his new foster parents eventually learned of a breed restriction in their area and had to return him too.

That’s when Roberta Sá Griner stepped in. She found him a forever home after three months of having him, but King was returned after about a year. She could tell King was upset, but quickly managed to find him someone else to adopt him… only to return him a few months later, saying that they couldn’t afford him.

Charlotte, NCThis is the hardest part, to see how sad King is because yet again his family dumped him. He won’t let go of that blanket that came from them. You can hear him cry :(———————————King is available for adoption through Greater Charlotte SPCA. Even though King is good with kids we are looking for a home with no kids as he needs a home with stability and routine. A home that can provide him daily exercise would be great as he loves to walk and he is an amazing runner! King is amazing with dogs, all sizes! He has ignored the cats he saw at Petco. He never gets into stuff if left outside of his crate and he is fully housebroken.

Posted by Roberta Sá Griner on Sunday, March 6, 2016

It seems like King is the dog that no one wants, despite his gentle disposition. It has taken a toll on his self-esteem and he spends his days crying into his security blanket, wondering why no one wants him. Share away, people.