4 Armed Men Enter Their House At Midnight, What Their Dog Did Is Incredible!


There are many reasons that people like the company of a dog. Some dogs keep people from getting anxious, others can help people who can’t see, and other dogs we just like because the make us feel a little safer at home. Some bigger breeds, most famously Rottweilers, are known not only to be smart, loving, happy companions, but are big and physically intimidating if our home ever does face an intruder like this family did.

Late one night, Kasha and Aryan Weston were sleeping at home when they were woken by pounding at the door. Rocky, their Rott, was aggravated by the noise, and sensed trouble, so started barking to warn the family.

Dog Did Is IncredibleThinking the dog was just making noise, Aryan put Rocky in the bathroom before answering the door. 4 men wielding knives burst into the house, causing pregnant Kasha to start screaming! Rocky didn’t need to hear any more and burst through the door like he was in the movies.

Dog Did Is IncredibleRocky, with some help from Aryan, scared the four men so badly that three of them ran for their lives, and the fourth tried only to be tackled and held until police arrived. Rocky wouldn’t leave Kasha’s side for days until she had recovered. Kasha’s pregnancy ending up being fine, and was no effected by the ordeal.

Dog Did Is IncredibleThe family is glad they had Rocky in the house, and is sure to keep him close now that their young one is here. And at least one of the intruders faced justice. Good Dog! Share this incredible story with your friends too!