Dog did something he really shouldn’t , and on Christmas !


Merry Christmas everyone !, we hope you have had a nice and cheerful Christmas with those you love the most , we hope everyone was able to take some time to remember the things that truly matters , your family , your friends and those who’ve stood by you in every situation you’ve gone through , this holiday season is the one time of the year which we absolutely should try to leave everything behind us and reunite with those who love us and we love them , it is the time of the year in which people all over the world stop arguing (or they should at least ) over silly stuff and sit down to talk and spend time together , we should never forget who we truly are , we are all humans , we are all here on the same planets , we are all the same and we should always try to remember that .

But while some people may have had a merry Christmas without any accidents , some weren’t so lucky , as accidents happen all the time on holidays , do you know what they say that some disasters end up being the funniest memories , it may not be so funny in the time it happens , but some can be hilarious in a couple of for years when you would look back and say “oh yeah , I remember that , it was hilarious “ .

I don’t know what the guy in the video felt at that moment , but I’m pretty sure it was not so funny for him , this guy had his Christmas tree all set up and ready to go and went to work , and when he came back he was in for a surprise .

His dog apparently wanted to make some changes of his own , so he went on , and as you might expect , the dog completely destroyed the whole thing , the tree is on the floor , everything is everywhere .

The funny thing is the dog knows what he did was wrong , so wrong he has put his “guily face ‘’ on , and it is adorable ! .

Watch the video for yourself  and look at what this dog did , the link is as always , right below .