When This Dog Discovers A Baby in His Bed, His Reaction Is PRICELESS.


Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and they won’t get out! Wait until you see what this dog does when his baby decides she wants to hang out in his dog bed. After all, it’s just her size too, right? He goes nuts, trying to bite at the bed. He shakes it back and forth and even tries to pull it out from under her. She thinks it’s the most fun thing ever and refuses to get out of his bed! She even claps after he pulls her around!

What amazes me is how gentle the dog is with the baby. He’s obviously upset and REALLY doesn’t want her in his bed, but he’s never aggressive. It’s so sweet and funny it melted my heart. The baby is having the time of her life and the dog just keeps trying to get her to move. Are you ready for a big dose of laughter?