Dog Embarrasses Owner With Yoga Skills


When a dog tries to copy their owner, it’s usually really cute. With no opposable thumbs, it’s pretty difficult for a dog to do most of the things a human can. Although they may not be able to do your taxes, or help you with your homework, one thing they do excel at is flexibility! And this dog has no trouble showing off her flexibility and showing her human how it’s REALLY done. I guess this is one of the few times where we humans could learn a thing or two from our furry companions! Watch this pro yogi teach her human how it’s done in “Dog Embarrasses Owner With Yoga Skills”.

Look at how effortless this dog makes it look, when clearly her owner is having a bit of a struggle.

dog embarrasses owner with yoga skills

And this pup isn’t the only one with some serious flexibility! Check out this Shiba Inu’s head-turning feat!

dog embarrasses owner with yoga skills

Or how about this slack-line balance master?

Of course, all these pros most likely started training pretty young and had their fair share of slip ups. But hey, you can’t achieve perfection without making a few mistakes along the way and that’s okay!

dog embarrasses owner with yoga skills

Want to see the step by step process for this yoga pose and learn from the master pup himself? Check out the full video below! Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away! It probably took this dog hours of secret practice to get it down pat before showing off her skills to her owner.

With a little bit of practice, I’m sure us humans could master these flexibility challenges just as well as our canine companions! Well, every flexibility challenge except this next one that is. To make the rest of us jealous, here is a dog doing something that none of us can do, catching his own tail! Now if only he could learn to let it go…

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