Severely Neglected Dog Gets A Second Chance To Living An Awesome Life


Picking up a stray dog like this from off the streets can break your heart. It’s likely that they used to belong to someone, but because of their condition, was turned away. Despite it being a simple treatment, mange is more than most people can handle, and they decide that they no longer want to keep their dogs.

That’s what happened to Maverick Cain, the dog who was taken in as a stray into the Texas-based Mongtomery Animal Control Shelter.

Dog Gets A Second Chance

He had absolutely no fur left on his body, and looked to be in constant pain from the mange that covered him.Dog Gets A Second Chance
He was obviously in a bad place, but it’s a good thing he fell into the arms of those who could provide him with the treatment he needed the most: a little dose of love.

Maverick soon found a loving foster home with Jessica DeForge and her husband William, who had fostered plenty of pit bulls for the Texas Animal Society before.


Their hearts melted when they saw images of Maverick and decided to take him in.

It’s going to be a long time before he gets all his fur back, but he gets to be treated to soothing salves and baths, cool towel wraps, and comfy shirts and booties to protect his delicate skin.

Dog Gets A Second Chance

Until then, Jessica dreams every day about what his new forever family is going to be like, and its one she hopes will be full of unconditional love and all the spoiling that Maverick deserves.Dog Gets A Second Chance