This Poor Dog Got Stuck, But No One Came To Help, Until This Happened


You know in places like India, stray dogs are everywhere and recently there has been a rise in harming these poor souls. Why? It’s common sense. If you threaten a stray dog, what do you except him to do? Become raged in order to fight for his survival. But of course not many people think so. In India if you see a stray dog, you’ll see that almost everyone will ignore them because they think he might bite.

As a human, if someone tried to attack you, what would you do? Sit back and take the attack or fight back? Unfortunately people in India have become so afraid of stray dogs that when they saw this poor soul stuck between the bars of a gate, the were too afraid to save her. They thought that if they go too close to her, she might bite, but what they didn’t know is that this poor dog was in a lot of pain.