This Dog Had Accepted Defeat And Was Awaiting Death, Then HE Came…


Abandoned on the streets, it was evident that this dog was ready to give up on life. He was found on the streets of Brazil, covered with sores and wounds, and patches of his hair were missing. He was also emaciated and found it very difficult to hold his head up. Many would have turned a blind eye to a dog in this condition, but from the video, there are still good people left in the world.

With his mouth restrained for safety measures and covered with a blanket, this kindhearted man decided to pick up the dog and carry him all the way to his car. He was carried home and given a bath to get rid of all the fleas and help the dog feel clean again. He loves this new affection and contact, and relishes all the back scratching he’s getting. He’s already looking like a new dog after a quick towel dry and bandaging of the wounds on his legs.

Take a look at this remarkable rescue!